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Anti-Abortion Activist Gets Arrested, Attention

It's 11 a.m. on Tuesday, and anti-abortion activist Reverend Pat Mahoney has arrived at Washington, D.C.'s downtown Planned Parenthood health center with the intention of getting arrested. But first, he has to warm up the crowd.

Are “Undercover Gay Reporters” Causing Media Bias in Gay Marriage Stories?

In her online "The Barras Report" column this week, Jonetta Rose Barras accused "undercover gay reporters" of undisclosed bias in their coverage of the D.C. same-sex marriage bill.
"Some opponents of same-sex marriage wonder why they couldn’t get coverage in the press similar to proponents," Barras wrote. "Stand4Marriage coalition members . . . have been cast [...]

James Chartrand’s Constructed Masculinity Goes Far Beyond the Pen Name

Yesterday, career Web guy James Chartrand admitted that "he" is a woman, actually. Chartrand said that after she adopted the male pseudonym several years ago—one that sounded like it "might command respect"—she did command respect, and began to ascend from struggling single-mom writer to respected male Web entrepreneur.
In light of the news that Chartrand is [...]

How the AP Stylebook Fails Transgender Subjects

The Associated Press Stylebook sets a fairly helpful standard for media coverage of transgender subjects. According to the AP "sex changes" entry, reporters are to:
Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics (by hormone therapy, body modification, or surgery) of the opposite sex and present themselves in a way that [...]

Sarah Palin’s Next Move

On July 3, Alaska Gov. Sara Palin announced her impending resignation from the Governor's seat, citing "a higher calling." In the wake of the announcement, Palin hasn't demonstrated much interest in unsolicited advice from newspapers, bloggers, and Tweeters. But with all of the contiguous United States now at her fingertips, Palin could use our help [...]

The Onion’s Best and Worst Rape Jokes

I've written a lot recently on who can successfully tell a rape joke and what targets are fair game for the butts of those jokes. One perennial source of rape humor, the Onion, gets the rape joke dynamic right a lot of the time. The format has a lot to do it: as America's leading [...]

Ms. Magazine Considers Washington Bureau

And all I know so far is that they want me to pay for it. Ms. Magazine has announced its intentions to open a Washington bureau, in the form of a standard fundraising missive. Let's take a look at Ms.'s plans:
Dear [Possible Donor],
Feminists have an unprecedented opportunity to move forward. At this transformational time in [...]

Did the Media Black Out Gay Inauguration Celebrations?

Did the MSM leave Melissa in the dark?
The media's short-shrifting of gay inaugural events didn't stop at Rev. Gene Robinson's untelevised prayer at Sunday's Lincoln Memorial concert, says AMERICAblog's John Aravosis.
"There seemed to be a dearth of coverage about the gay and lesbian side of the inaugural festivities. Our readers reported that a number of [...]

Man Madness: Media Bracket Finale

Week one of the Manliest Workplace in D.C. competition has come to a close. Let's recap the standings in the media bracket (first-round winners in bold):
Game 1: Washington Times, 52; Washingtonian, 17
Game 2: Congressional Quarterly, 40; Washington Post, 46
Game 3: El Pregonero, 48; USA TODAY, 50
Game 4: Washington City Paper, 36; Washington Blade, 45
In a [...]