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Women as Gatekeepers of Sex—and Sexism

Many theories have been raised to explain some women's distaste for Olivia Munn: Jealousy. Insecurity. Her tendency to make jokes about rape, fat women, bitches, and the Holocaust. Get ready for another one! I think part of the backlash against Munn—to be clear, I'm speaking specifically of the part that accuses her of "flaunting" her [...]

The Morning After: Mannequins Are Us Edition

* On mannequins, and us:
“It’s not that big of a leap to go to a window mannequin from ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ ” said Simon Doonan, the creative director of Barneys New York.

Maxim Recognizes Female Comedians—As Sucking!

While writing a preview of Paula Poundstone's upcoming D.C. stand-up gig for this week's newspaper (full disclosure: I was kinda into to Poundstone as a kid, during my cat phase) I stumbled upon Maxim's list of the "Worst Comedians of all Time." Of the 12 comics listed, six—Judy Tenuta, Kathy Griffin, Sandra Bernhard, Margaret Cho, [...]