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Real World D.C. Hook-Up Round-Up, Episode 4: Epic Boner Edition

In this week’s episode of the Real World D.C., cast member Andrew's dubious relationship with consent jumped from cartoon panel to bedroom; Mike wishes Ashley would play with her vagina; Andrew gets an all-night boner (Refresh yourself with the first, second, and third episode sex recaps here).
The top 10 sex-ish moments of the third episode, [...]

Journalism Fail: Student Masturbation Column Or ABC News?

The editor of the Towson University Towerlight resigned last week over controversies stemming from the newspaper's sex column. In her resignation letter, Carrie Wood wrote that University President Robert Caret wrote her an "intimidating, patronizing and bullying" e-mail voicing concerns about the column's servicey take on mutual masturbation.Wood responded to Caret's missive with an e-mail [...]

The Female Hysteria Douche Remedy (c. 1860)

In case you were wondering what happened to those crazy bitches picked up for "female hysteria" prior to 1900: it's pictured.
"illustration of French pelvic douche device" via Wikipedia Commons.

Liveblogging The Carradine Sex Death Press Coverage

So, it turns out that David Carradine didn't purposefully suffocate himself by hanging. Sources say he had intended to only partially suffocate himself in order to become aroused:
Thai police are now reporting that when they found David Carradine dead and naked in his closet, the rope that was tied around his neck was connected to [...]

The Secret Sex Life of the Catholic University of America

This week, I wrote a cover story for the paper on the sex life at the Catholic University of America, the official U.S. university of the Catholic Church. The Washington, D.C. school bans all behavior that is "inconsistent with the teaching and moral values of the Catholic Church"—including premarital sex, condom use, masturbation, and sexual [...]

Vibrating Razor Adds Dangerous New Element to Shower Masturbation

The "Tinge" vibrating razor (artist's rendering)
Daily Candy is an e-mail service that sends sassy, glowing, and thoroughly useless advertorials to your inbox each morning. For reasons even I cannot comprehend, I subscribe to this service, only to methodically delete each morning e-mail without reading it.
Some Daily Candy subscribers who are more dedicated than I brought [...]

The Morning After: Ex-Masturbator Edition

Hush. Grandma loves her "cute" elderly home, which is not overcome with the unspeakable stench of death.
* Spend Valentine's Day at "several cute DC, Arlington elderly homes!" helping the D.C. Young Republicans administer manicures to the elderly in their "Mani's for the Grannies" initiative. Sexist says, the grannies may be cute, the mani's may be [...]