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The Morning After: Grainy Masturbation Photo Edition

* In the City Paper this week, Kim Chi Ha writes about the regulatory spotlight on Ziegfeld's/Secrets, the lone SW gay club to survive the construction of Nationals Park. Post-baseball, the D.C. government has kept a close eye on the strip joint:

The Morning After: Eyes on Road, Hand on Crotch Edition

* A new study suggests that 11 percent of male drivers under 30 are masturbating  on the road. No word on the habits of the ladies, who these days are cleared to both drive and touch their own genitalia—but can they do it at the same time? Get science on this.

The Morning After: Masculinity Crisis Edition

* Figleaf points us to the myth that masculinity is perpetually "in crisis," from Rip Van Winkle onward.

An Illustrated History of Male Chastity Devices

Tired of chastity-saving devices that focus solely on the female market? So was Mardid inventor Gines Sanchez Gomez, who patented his padlocked chastity tube in 2004. "The medieval apparatus named chastity belt it is well known as way to control sexual activity of women," Gomez wrote. But the male chastity device has [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Public Masturbation and the Shame Game

Last week, we discussed a public masturbator operating on Metro's Orange Line. Commenters disagreed on how victims ought to react to a public sexual assault—and why they sometimes feel ashamed.

Passengers Targeted By Orange Line Public Masturbator

Over the past week, Holla Back DC has received two very similar reports of a man masturbating on Metro's Orange Line. The first incident occurred near the Metro Center stop on a train heading toward Vienna; the second occurred near the L’Enfant Plaza stop in the same direction. In both, a man targeted a female [...]

The Morning After: Ex-Gay Christopher Hitchens Edition

* Christopher Hitchens: Ex-gay, kind of! In his forthcoming memoir, the writer who does not think this is very funny refers to his continued sexual relations with men—past his regular gay dalliances at boarding school—as a "relapse":
''Every now and then, even though I was by then fixed on the pursuit of young women, a [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Fuck Finals Edition

This week in college sex columns: The University of Mary Washington tells students to fuck finals, and just fuck; Georgetown University explains WTF a "Zombie Fling" is, and why it should be avoided; Jaclyn Friedman administers a beatdown to misogynist college columnists.

College Sex Columnist On Masturbation, Money Shots, and Scandalized Grandmothers

This year, the University of Mary Washington's student newspaper, The Bullet, crowned a new sex columnist for its long-running sex column, "Sexclamations." Since taking the helm, 19-year-old freshman Erin Hill has tackled such campus-ready topics as female masturbation, representation in pornography, and pubic hair choices (an area of particular Sexist interest).
Over the past couple of [...]

Top 10 Relationship-Ending Lines From Sexist Readers’ Past

Earlier this week, I asked you to give me your worst Relationship-Ending Line—that phrase uttered by your now-ex that foretold the final chapter of your relationship. As it turns out, ya'll have dated people who have said some absurd shit, from the older professor who asked, “do you have anyone to read you love poetry?” [...]