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Anti-Porn Scholar: Watching Porn Gets Women Raped

Last month, Wheelock College University of Pennsylvania professor Mary Anne Layden hit Capitol Hill to explain how pornography "robs men of their masculinity, of their psychological health, of their self-respect, of their greatness . . . of themselves." Now, Layden is back to explain the effects of pornography use among women: It gets them raped.

The Anti-Porn Position, From Child Porn’s Slippery Slope To Frighteningly Thorough Bestiality

You've heard from the pro-kink side. Now, in the anti-porn corner: Here's what national anti-smut activists educated the public about on a recent trip to Washington, covering everything from porn addicts who can't make job interviews because they're too busy "surfing" porn to bestiality sites featuring "any animal on Noah’s ark":