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How Catholic University’s Gay Student Group Survives Without Talking Marriage, Sex, or Politics

Last week, the Washington Post profiled Catholic University's very unofficial gay group, CUAllies. The group, whose mission is "Making Catholic U Safer for GLBTQ Students," was denied official student group status last summer. According to Catholic U. spokesperson Victor Nakas, recognizing the group would have forced the university to support "positions contrary to church teachings." [...]

D.C. Gay Marriage Bill Preserves Domestic Partnerships

Last month, I argued against the provision in the D.C. same-sex marriage bill that would phase out domestic partnerships. In short: A lot of couples, gay and straight, don't want to have to opt into that problematic "marriage" business in order to secure our rights. Marriage still comes with a lot of unwanted shit, like [...]

Was the Dupont High Heel Race a Success for Equality?

Last night, The New Gay editor Zack Rosen set out to determine once and for all whether all those heteros who flock to the Dupont High Heel Race every year are there to support the gay community, or just mock all the queens in dresses. This year, the pre-Halloween drag queen race was pushed into [...]