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Women’s Health Marketing Embraces Misogyny in the Name of “Awareness”

A spindly, beautiful woman is extended on a chaise lounge in an immaculate ruffled dress. She is paging idly through an antique book when a floating trail of sparkly light interrupts her reading. She follows the glow up the staircase of the manse and into a room marked by fresh roses and enchanting music, where [...]

To Latisse, Even Brooke Shields’ Eylashes Are “Not Enough”

The advertising machine for "Latisse," a prescription eyelash treatment which claims to "grow longer, grow fuller and darker lashes," has been grinding for quite some time now. On its Web site, Latisse presents itself as a treatment for hypotrichosis, a condition which causes abnormal hair growth. In television commercials, however, that actual medical condition is [...]

How to Sell Beer: Less Beer, More Boob

"DAS Best Oktoberfest," the German-ish drinking festival which hits National Harbor, Md., on Sept. 26, is all about the beer. But how does one market this "beer"? Easy: Take a photo of a woman holding beer, cut off her neck and head, then cut off the beer. I know I need a beer right about [...]