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Marion Barry: Mary Cheh Has “Great Femininity”

According to a tipster privy to a D.C. Council hearing today, Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry had this to say about Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh: "Ms. Cheh you are attractive, glamorous, and have great femininity." Uh—I guess it beats getting called an "angry woman" and then receiving a bouquet of flowers for your [...]

Five Questions for Deez Nuts: “It’s About All the Things That Affect These Nuts”

Deez Nuts, the local theater production being billed as the "all male spin to the Vagina Monologues," debuts this weekend at Dance Place. John Johnson, the 29-year-old Anacostia resident who created the show, says that Deez Nuts will touch on all issues relevant to D.C.'s male population—from HIV to skinny jeans to Marion Barry to [...]

Why You Should Care About Marion Barry’s Un-Blow-Job

Today, Post media columnist Howard Kurtz tackled the popular outcry over the Washington City Paper's Marion Barry "You Put Me Out In Denver 'Cause I Wouldn't Suck Your Dick" cover line. Some readers, Kurtz wrote, found the headline's final "three-word phrase" vulgar, obscene, and even racist. The Post declined to print the phrase, but [...]

Marion Barry “I Wouldn’t Suck Your Dick” Collector’s Edition

Mike DeBonis' cover story on Marion Barry and his alleged stalkee's relationship-caught-on-voicemail is breaking news. The cover image is forever. The Washington Post has capitalized on selling commemorative copies of its Election 2008 issue, its Inauguration 2009 issue, and its Michael Jackson is dead issue. The Washington City Paper's "You Put Me Out in Denver [...]

Marion Barry Accidentally Recognizes Gay Marriage

Over on City Desk, Mike DeBonis is reporting that the D.C. Council voted unanimously to pass a package of bills that includes recognition for out of state same-sex marriages.
Why did Marion Barry, who led a chant of "No to same-sex marriage" at an anti-gay-marriage rally last week, decline to oppose the gay marriage bill? Oh: [...]

Gay Marriage Coming to D.C.?

The D.C. Council is getting closer to approving a gay marriage bill, The Examiner reported this week. Openly gay Councilmember Jim Graham said that same-sex marriage was just "steps away” in the District. Those steps, however, are significant ones; since Congress has oversight over D.C. Council legislation, local marriage will become a national issue. In [...]