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Porn Star Lorelei Lee to Testify in Buttman Trial

The stage name of the porn performer slated to testify on behalf of John "Buttman" Stagliano has been revealed. Headed for the witness stand is Lorelei Lee, an actress who participates in the milk enema three-way of Milk Nymphos that D.C. jurors viewed in open court earlier this week. Jurors likely know plenty about [...]

MasterCard Hates Tosin Abasi’s Shorts, Too

When he's on tour with his metal band, Born of Osiris, guitarist Tosin Abasi gets a lot of shit for wearing women's khaki shorts. Now, MasterCard's new "Perfect Pair of Jeans" promotion is here to tell Abasi that every cool person in history hates his shorts, too. The credit card company's commercial features some iconic [...]