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Sexist Beatdown: Retrosexual Menaissance Edition

Exhibit A: This Man stopped wearing Hot Topic at an appropriate age.
Recently, Sady Doyle discerned the social issue that would define our generation:
The chicks today, they get to do so many things! Why, they can vote, and attend colleges, and even drink and smoke in public! These chicks: An alarming number of them [...]

Impromptu Meeting of the Male Studies Department

Important Announcement: I have ceased all productive output this afternoon because I'm too busy making up fake names of Male Studies scholars on Twitter. For the uninitiated, "Male Studies" is the answer to "Men's Studies" dedicated to studying the male . . . "as male." Revolutionary.
None of our imaginary professors' names will ever beat the [...]

Celebrate Gay Marriage In D.C. With A Heteronormative Haircut!

City Paper contributor Trey Graham subscribes to Living Social, a Web site that alerts him to daily deals in the D.C. area. Today—the first day that gay couples in D.C. can legally be married—LivingSocial offered Graham a very special discount at Too Hotties Haircuts, an Alexandria-based salon for "manly men" who aren't into all that [...]

District of Columbia 45th Manliest City in U.S.

Giant stone erections fail to lift D.C. above the competition.
Combos brand snacks has released a study (stay with me here) ranking the 50 manliest cities in the United States. Washington, D.C. ranks a pathetic 45, proving manlier than only Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.
The criteria for maniness appeared to be but [...]

Man Madness: Washington Redskins Vs. National Museum of Women in the Arts

Welcome back to The Sexist's Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament, our ongoing unscientific investigation into the male/female ratios of local employers' org charts. Last week, we sewed up the Media Bracket, in which the Washington Times crushed the competition with an impressive 94.5 percent manly factor. Now, we move on to an even more high-fallutin' [...]