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Marion Barry Accidentally Recognizes Gay Marriage

Over on City Desk, Mike DeBonis is reporting that the D.C. Council voted unanimously to pass a package of bills that includes recognition for out of state same-sex marriages.
Why did Marion Barry, who led a chant of "No to same-sex marriage" at an anti-gay-marriage rally last week, decline to oppose the gay marriage bill? Oh: [...]

Gay Marriage in D.C.: How Soon Is Now?

City Paper's Loose Lips columnist, Mike DeBonis, has the run-down on a D.C. gay marriage timeline:
In the Blade, Lou Chibbaro Jr. runs down some of the challenges facing a ballot referendum banning gay marriage in the District. They are many: For one, 21,000 signatures is a lot.
Meanwhile, in WaTimes, Gary Emerling examines how gay-marriage advocates [...]

Georgetown Sexual Assault Alert

NBC reports, and Loose Lips links, this alert about a sexual assault that occurred last weekend in Georgetown. D.C. police are on the lookout for a 25 to 28-year-old black man, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing around 150 pounds, with a "close haircut or a shaved head." The suspect allegedly "entered a [...]

Gays Want You To Write In Carol, Too

In this week's paper, Mike Debonis—City Paper's Loose Lips columnist—suggested that D.C. voters write-in at-large Council candidate Carol Schwartz on November 4th. The Washington Blade's pretty into her, too. Today, Schwartz's chief of staff and deputy committee clerk, both openly gay, penned an opinion piece for the newspaper touting Schwartz's leadership in the GLBT community.