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The Sexist Watches The Inauguration on TV So You Don’t Have To

In this era of crazed, critically crowded congregations of millions of Americans on national park land, who has time to watch television from the comfort of your home? That's why I've volunteered my time to record this historic event as presented on television. Here we gooo!
11:20 a.m. ... Jimmy Carter! George H.W. Bush! Bill Clinton! [...]

Goobye, Sarah Palin; Oh Fuck, What Are We Gonna Do Now?

A week from today, if the McCain-Palin ticket manages an unexpected, mavericky victory and clinches the presidency, low-rent bloggers, editorial cartoonists, and Hustler will all silently rejoice. Sarah Palin has been a Wasilla-Assembly-of-God-send for Web traffic numbers (Exhibits A and B) since her sudden Sept. nomination as McCain's veep. News of Hustler's Palin spoof porn [...]

DEBATE LIVE BLOG: Barack, John, and the Live-Bloggers Who Love Them

My friends, stay with me tonight as I watch the third and final presidential debate—and the live-bloggers who live-blog it. That's right, we're live-blogging the live-bloggers here at The Sexist live blog. Who will offer the funniest/most inane commentary? Will it be Joe Curl of the Washington Times? Jim Newell at Wonkette? You, the [...]

Live-Blogging the Live Blogs: Tonight

I know, I know: You don't even want to watch the last debate. Sure, you were feeling pretty good after the first one; everything seemed so new and exciting! But then there was that vice presidential unpleasantness, and last week you found yourself whiling away your Tuesday evening with Barack and John at Town Hall [...]

Debate Live Blog Tonight on City Desk

I'll be live-blogging the presidential town hall debate over at City Desk tonight. Follow along here starting around 9 p.m., or take the edge off with the Town Hall Debate Drinking Game.
Earlier I live-blogged Thursday's Vice Presidential Debate. Yep, there was a drinking game for that one, too.

The Morning After

* So, the vice presidential debate was last night. Read my live blog of the event here and post-debate response here.
* Quick recap on women's and GLBT issues because there's not much to say. The candidates (and moderator Gwen Ifill) were largely silent on women's issues, beyond Biden name-dropping the Violence Against Women Act and [...]

NOW: Live Blogging the Vice Presidential Debate

8:50 P.M. It's on, ya'll. Prepare your televisions, fire up your Internets, and ready your drinks.
8:58 P.M. What is the best network to watch the debates on? A haggard-looking Chris Matthews is babbling away on MSNBC.
9:00 P.M. Gwen Ifill lays it down. Half domestic, half foreign policy. Chosen by Ifill. Order by coin toss. No [...]

Blogging the Live-Blog of the Vice Presidential Debate

Live commentary on the vice presidential debate, tonight at Washington University in St. Louis.
Only three hours to go until the most important U.S. vice presidential live blog since Al Gore invented the Internets. Some words for our competitors: Watch out, Senator Biden—Sarah Palin's been reading the newspapers, all of them! Not so fast, Governor Palin—Joe [...]

Vice Presidential Debate Live Blog

Stay tuned here for The Sexist's play-by-play of the 2008 vice presidential debate.
While you're at it: Take the edge off the Sarah Palin/Joe Biden showdown by playing along with The Sexist's 2008 Vice Presidential Drinking Game.
The debate begins at 9 p.m. EST; I'll be live-blogging here starting around 8:45.