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Lil Wayne Jokes About His Own Rape

Over the weekend, I watched the first portion of The Carter, an unauthorized documentary on Lil Wayne released on the Internet last year. The Carter was originally undertaken with Lil Wayne's blessing, but the rapper later withdrew his support for the film (and sued the filmmakers), ostensibly due to its depictions of Wayne's heavy drug [...]

Rap Sex Euphemism: Young Money’s “BedRock”

The cataloging of sexual euphemisms in rap songs continues. This time:
EUPHEMISM: "Bedrock."

“No Lesbo”: Girls, “No Homo,” and Lesbians In Hip-Hop

I spent part of Washington's snowed-in weekend sipping bourbon, building an igloo, and listening to one anonymous woman's horrific karaoke rendition of Deborah Cox's 1998 power ballad, "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here." At one break in the snow shelter action, a friend popped in a cassette tape containing the butchering of Cox's song, which [...]

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine Will Demean Every Girl In the World

Lil Wayne Feat Young Money – Every Girl / NEWby PeteRock
When I wrote my piece parsing the feminist and misogynist undertones in the works of Lil Wayne, I overlooked one verse from "We Like Her," Wayne's ode to wanting to "fuck every girl in the world":

Lil Wayne: Feminist or Misogynist?

Lil Wayne has emerged as an interesting figure for feminist critique. As a rapper, Wayne peppers his lyrics with "pussy" and "no homo." As a public figure, he has reluctantly helped to raise awareness about sexual assault against males and growing up with an absent father. And Wayne's lyrics, as misogynist as they are, are [...]

Rap Sex Euphemism: “Wipe Me Down”

It's hard out there for a rap star trying to come out with the next big sexual euphemism. Armed only with weather patterns ("make it rain"), child-friendly sweets ("lick it like a lollipop") and whimsy ("superman that ho"), today's hip-hop stars struggle to coin a sex term as eternal as LL Cool J's ultimate rap [...]

Top 10 Rap Sex Euphemisms

Talking about having sex is healthy. But with radio censors intent on bleeping out the most explicitly offensive material, what's Lil' Wayne to do when he wants to write an entire song about a woman performing oral sex on him? Invent a bizarre euphemisms for fun and profit. Below, the top ten euphemisms for sex [...]

R. Kelly Wants to Fuck Every Girl In the World

So, R. Kelly has pulled the vocoder out of the closet and recorded a remix to Lil' Wayne's "Every Girl." The original track declares, "I wish I could fuck every girl in the world." Wayne doesn't get into the logistics, but that's gotta be a scenario that involves some nonconsensual sex. The original song, at [...]

Step Off, Couric: You’re Not Weezy’s Mom!

Katie Couric fell into some pretty serious mom jeans territory last night in her pre-Grammy interview with Lil' Wayne. How nerdy does Couric look compared to Weezy? Let me count the ways:


Have you seen this boy?

Where have you been during all this, Weezy? T.I.'s here. Jay-Z's here. Young Jeezy' s here. Diddy's here. But whither Weezy? And don't say "I've been hustlin'"!