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Playgirl Goes Gay, and the Straight Guys Love It

Daniel Nardicio has served as the director of marketing for Playgirl magazine since August of 2009. Since then, Nardicio has introduced three crucial developments to the long-time beefcake mag: (a) Acknowledgment of the magazine's gay readership; (b) a nude Levi Johnston; and (c) "The Shaggin' Wagon" (above).
Yesterday, Nardicio circled his magenta, man-centric wagon outside of [...]

Calling Georgetown’s “Campus Hunks”

Hunks! We still call them that, apparently. And now, the "internet’s leading source for hot nude celebrity hunks" is seeking the hunkiest of all hunks to disrobe in its annual "Campus Hunks Issue." Playgirl spokesperson Daniel Nardicio—the man behind both Levi Johnston's shoot and the Playgirl "Shaggin’ Wagon" (pictured, with strategically placed hunks)—has sent [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Palin Family Anecdote or “Paylin” Porn Plot? Edition

Listen up, teens: Guess what happens when you get teen pregnant, you're not allowed to have a smushmortion, and you can't figure out how to secretly swap your fetus into your mother's aging but willing womb. Umm . . . you get rewarded with an eccentric celebrity handler and sexy undies shots in Vanity Fair? [...]

Levi Johnston Hits Tyra, Victimizes Self

And we've got the whole, non-white-trashy thing on tape:
Sarah Seltzer for Reproductive Health Reality Check wonders if Levi is a "victim" in the Palin spotlight. "The Internet is buzzing over Levi Johnston's appearance on Tyra yesterday to 'break his silence,' and providing us all with a reminder that patriarchal policies like abstinence-only education hurt young [...]

Daily Pain: 24th Most Beautiful Lady Politician Edition

Stare into those 24th-most-beautiful eyes
NUMBER 24: The Daily Mail reports on a poll ranking the world's most beautiful lady politicians. The poll was conducted by Spain's " 20 Minutos" newspaper, so, whatever. Peruvian congresswoman Luciana Leon is the most beautiful. Of the 54 women on the list, Palin currently ranks 24th, with 3,173 votes. At [...]

Daily Palin: O’Reilly / Greta / Bristol 2012

Sweet bootlegged Bill O'Reilly camera action!
O'REILLY & GRETA & BRISTOL, OH MY! O'Reilly weighs in on the Bristol Palin / Levi Johnston fallout: MSNBC "incredibly viscious"; "disturbed individuals egged on by . . . the Air America on the radio."
BONUS: Greta downplays O'Reilly's characterization that she is "close to the Palin family," sayinh, "The only [...]

Daily Palin: Special Olympics Outrage Edition

Palin "shocked" at Obama Special Olympics bowling comment, returns money he had allocated for Alaskan special education.
PALIN RESPONDS to Barry Obama's quip that he bowls like he belongs in the Special Olympics.
"This was a degrading remark about our world's most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world," said Palin, [...]

Daily Palin: The Russian Sarah Palin Edition

CAN SARAH PALIN SEE THIS WOMAN FROM HER HOUSE? Some are hailing this leggy blond Livejournal blogger as the future "Russian Sarah Palin" (or at the very least, the Russian Ann Coulter). She's 24, hates immigrants, and has been photographed "drunk, wrapped in a Cuban flag" (right). An excerpt from her blog:
"Думаю, заметку про меня [...]

Daily Palin: Levi Johnston Maturity Watch Edition

Are you mature enough for this?
FINALLY, SOMEBODY MAKES SENSE: Levi Johnston, 19-year-old ex-fiancee of Bristol Palin, told Good Morning America that he's not yet mature enough to get married. "It’s just us not—me not—being mature enough,” he said. "We were in a fight. And trying to see if we can make things work. But [...]

Daily Palin: From Fiancé to Babydaddy Edition

What is with Vice Presidential candidates causing stirs over unwed mamas?
FINALLY: FIANCEE TURNS BABYDADDY, says Sharon Cobb, who thinks the whole blessed holy matrimony schtick Palin paraded the kids around for was just some racist bullshit to begin with:
Why is it that when a white teenage woman gets pregnant out of wedlock it's a 'blessed [...]