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Sexist Comments of the Week: How Sexy Is Too Sexy?

Last week, a couple of really interesting discussions arose on this blog concerning determining consent and preventing rape. I'm going to address some of the lingering issues raised in those threads later today. But right now, it's 9 a.m. on Monday morning, I'm not terribly coherent, amd I'd rather review the implications of Garfield lunchboxes [...]

Dressing “Too Sexy”: Career Suicide Or Sexist Excuse?

Yesterday, Feminist Law Professors drew my attention to the Miami Daily Business Review's "Rodent" column, a weekly anonymous rant written by various members of the legal community. The latest missive, "Lady Lawyers Should Dress the Part," warns female attorneys that they may be sabotaging their careers with overly sexy business attire. Actually, I think [...]

This Week In Sexist History: I Killed Your Boyfriend Because You’re A Ho Edition

Newspaper stories from the good old days say the darndest things. This time on journalism’s way-back machine: an 1870's defense attorney argues that a man can't be held responsible for killing his estranged wife's lover—because, let's be honest, she was kind of a ho.
This Week In Sexist History:

Accused Rapist Seeks Advice of Reddit; Reddit Punts

Fourteen hours ago, Reddit user "WronglyAccused" posted the following query to AskReddit:

WronglyAccused, though practiced in the art of subtlety, proved less versed in legalese. "The fiancee of one of my friends is accusing me of rape," he wrote. "I have no idea what my legal options are and his father is a high-powered NY attorney. [...]

Pick-Up Lines Not to Use In Court

Sure, the hallway of domestic violence courtrooms at D.C. Superior Court sounds like a great place to pick up women. They're bored. They're probably on the rebound. And their ex-boyfriend is court-ordered to stay far, far away from your sweet moves. But somehow, the men I've witnessed hitting on chicks in Superior have not [...]