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And Now, A Less Cunnilingus-y Discussion of Laura Bush!

Sady Doyle refrains from discussing George Bush's tongue on Laura Bush's genitals for a second to discuss some of the less sexy aspects of Bush's fulfillment of the role as First Lady:
self-denial is one of a First Lady's job requirements, however, and Laura Bush fulfilled it admirably. . . . Bush writes of her [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Laura Bush and the Role of the First Lady, Or “I Stayed For the Cunnilingus”

Fuck this.
During her tenure as the first First Lady of the United States of America, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington confided in a letter to her niece: "I think I am more like a state prisoner than anything else," she wrote. "There is certain bounds set for me which I must not depart from."
In [...]

Celebrity Hairstylist Andre Chreky Accused of Attempting to Rape Employee

District  celebrity hairstylist Andre Chreky has been trusted to manage the high-profile hairstyles of women like Rita Wilson and Laura Bush in his K Street salon since 1997. When he's not touching famous hair, Chreky has been accused of repeatedly sexually harassing his employees.
This week Chreky was expected to go to trial in his second [...]

Inside the Vaginas of Our First Ladies

Autumn Stephens, author of Wild Words for Wild Women and other Smithsonian museum gift shop titles, has a new book! Fiesty First Ladies: And Other Unforgettable White House Women (advanced reading copy) is a whimsical, pocket-sized take on "those formidable females" who have accompanied their Man on the zany ride that is the American Presidency—complete [...]