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Dr. Laura: How to Navigate Childhood Sexual Abuse, Herpes, and “Really Slobbery Kisses”

In this edition of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's YouTube extravaganza, the Doctor tackles a series of questions from Susan, a woman who has been forced to date men in order to ultimately become married to one of them. Susan is understandably confused on the specifics of such a modern endeavor.

Tomorrow: Kiss Each Other

But if we let people kiss people, what's next? Dogs kissing people?
Tomorrow afternoon, between 2 p.m. and 2:05 p.m., people are to gather together to kiss each other. Locally, the kissing will occur between 3rd and 4th Streets on the National Mall. Men and women are invited to kiss partners male or female. Singles may [...]

Inside A Date Rapist’s Living Hell

Aaron P. Taylor's club is a very boring place to be.
Last November, I outlined some advice for well-meaning sexists on How Not to Advise Women Not to Get Raped. The post was in response to a guy named Aaron P. Taylor, who, in response to getting shut down by a female in da club, penned [...]

Desperate Measures

For the discerning online dater, picks from the Craigslist litter.
Missed Connections: Fierce Jorts on U St.
A: w4m
S: Unreported
L: U Street
First Impression: No, not you ... the other one in the jorts. "You: strolling down U st. with your friend on Saturday night. You were both wearing fantastic pairs of jean shorts."
About Me: No different from [...]