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Sexist Beatdown: Sad Parent Edition

In Jennifer Senior's New York Magazine piece on recent research into the joylessness of parenting, Senior recalls a time when her beloved 2-year-old son dismantled a wooden garage then proceeded to chuck the wooden planks at her head, leading Senior to turn to booze. But does it make her happy?

Gropers Start Early: Mother Alleges Her Second-Grader Was “Genitally Groped” At School

Speaking of disturbing groping incidents: WTOP's new series on schoolyard bullying, "No Bully Left Behind," contains some extreme accusations from one Montgomery County Public Schools mother. The mom of a second-grader at Rockville's College Gardens Elementary School, who wouldn't provide her name for fear of retaliation against her daughter, alleged that a couple of second-grade [...]

Parent Files Complaint Against Gay Teacher Over “Child’s Sense of Innocence”

Innocence: Once a gay guinea pig takes it away, only complaining to the D.C. government will get it back.
Margaret C. Hemenway, identifying herself as a D.C. Public Schools parent, claims to have filed a complaint with Chancellor Michelle Rhee over her seven-year-old child's "sense of innocence." At what exact moment was the first-grader's innocence whisked [...]

Barebreasted Women Swordfighting . . . and Kids

The Washington Improv Theater's most recent newsletter—entitled "Barebreasted Women Swordfighting and Kids Programming at Source"—offers up some great naked swordplay this week, for the kids. Somebody isn't thinking of The Children:

I'm pretty sure these two items are simply unfortunately juxtaposed, and entirely unrelated. Meanwhile, "Barebreasted Women Swordfighting and Kids" is still available for someone's  inevitable [...]

Child Cruelty: Dentist Visits Vs. Horrible Monsters

Slate's DoubleX has taken up an interesting point of discussion. Which of the following is more cruel:
(a) A father who films his hilariously drugged-up child after a doctor's visit:
"David After Dentist"
(b) Or a hipster music video depicting a screaming child dodging scary monsters without the help of his unresponsive mother:
MGMT's music video for "Kids"
Personally, I'd [...]

The Morning After

* The Sexist's Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament is live. Fill out a bracket to predict your manly winners and losers.
* Advanced Style, a street-style blog for the older set. Adorable, inspirational, and regularly updated, this elderly fashion watch is curated by three respectful whippersnappers.
* Jezebel asks if being a successful woman means staying single:
maybe [...]