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The Morning After: Dastardly Cuomo Glasses Edition

* Writing in the Awl's Sex Offender week series, Sady Doyle goes long on Rivers Cuomo and why he (and his cute glasses) have messed you up "forever."

Sexist Beatdown: Is Hook-Up Culture Eating Our Brains Edition

This video is extremely confusing to me. I am old.
Hooking up: We know it's all the rage among kids these days! But for us Elderly Folk who are, like, three years out of college, questions remain.
For example: Sex is great and all, but wouldn't girls be happier if they consumed several meals paid for by [...]

WAM! Auctioning Off All Your Girl Crushes

Damn you, WAM! Women, Action, & the Media is staging a holiday fund-raising auction this month—and the items up for grabs have somehow managed to magically tap into every feminist's secret girl crush. We're talking photo session with Margaret Cho, editing expertise of Katha Pollitt, autographed guitar airbrushed with Ani Difranco's face level of [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Mad Men, Child Rape, and the Problem With Sex Speculation

Was Kater Gordon fired following a gay lawnmower pee accident?
Last week, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner fired Emmy-winning writer Kater Gordon. The week before that, Late Night comedian David Letterman admitted to having sexual affairs with women on his staff. The week before that, film director Roman Polanski was finally detained after raping the 13-year-old [...]