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“No Lesbo”: Girls, “No Homo,” and Lesbians In Hip-Hop

I spent part of Washington's snowed-in weekend sipping bourbon, building an igloo, and listening to one anonymous woman's horrific karaoke rendition of Deborah Cox's 1998 power ballad, "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here." At one break in the snow shelter action, a friend popped in a cassette tape containing the butchering of Cox's song, which [...]

How Censoring “No Homo” Will Help Hip-Hop

Listening to Hot 99.5 yesterday, I was interested to hear the radio station bleep out the latest trend in hip-hop homophobia: "no homo." "No homo," for the uninitiated, is a little piece of wordplay which works to neutralize any potentially "gay" interpretations of a rapper's lyrics. For a full review of the term, check [...]

Kanye West “Gay,” Internet Trolls Declare

"Does Kanye Dress Too Gay?" Elizabeth Gates writes on the Daily Beast. The speculation on the impact of Kanye West's dandy foppishness isn't invalid, but it does require a follow-up: too gay according to whom?
Gates makes the case that West dresses too gay for hip-hop, which she claims has backed off from its full embrace [...]