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Sexist Comments of the Week

My first foray into Sexist Art History took a look at some sexist interpretations of Judith Leyster's 400-year-old The Proposal (pictured).  Some historians saw the painting as "a powerful image of temptation and resistance." I see it as "a rapey dude in a mustache and a fur hat who ain't gettin' anywhere." What did you [...]

This Week In Sexist Art History: Judith Leyster And the Rapiness of Yore

It's been a banner week for Sexist History! First, we revisited an 1893 New York Times piece which informed us why children are the sexiest swimmers of all. Then, we wrote some Sexist History of our own and discovered why male models may inhabit sexism's final frontier. Now, for some Sexist Art History: Why we [...]