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Date Lab Race Redux

On the subject of race in the Washington Post Magazine's Date Lab, a former Date Labber weighs in with some insight into some behind-the-scenes engineering on the subject of skin-color (I've edited the remarks slightly for clarity):

Rape Coverage and The New York Times‘ Daddy Issues

I really appreciated this recent New York Times piece detailing the ways in which New York City police fail to adequately respond to rape reports. I also appreciated its companion story, which highlighted the experiences of four women who reported their rapes to the police, only to have their cases dismissed, their assaults downplayed, and [...]


The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), a leading resource on journalistic style, chimes in on the LGBT vs. GLBT debate: "The NLGJA stylebook supplement does not give explicit guidance, but only lists 'LGBT' as an option, perhaps revealing a preference." A commenter chimes in: "Our college campus’ group . . . [...]

Should We Remember Mike Penner or Christine Daniels?

Mike Penner, then presenting as Christine Daniels, with Autumn Sandeen
On Saturday, Nov. 28, Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Penner was found dead in his Los Angeles home, the victim of an apparent suicide. Penner had been covering the sports beat for the LA Times since 1983. But the writer's public profile skyrocketed in April of [...]

The Washington Blade Is Now the D.C. Agenda

The Washington Blade served as D.C.'s gay newspaper of record from 1969 until Monday morning. This Friday, the paper intends to return as the D.C. Agenda. Editor Kevin Naff confirmed the re-Christening this evening at an event at the Hard Rock Hotel supporting the paper's rebirth.

Sexist Beatdown: “Buster Darkhole” and the Conservative College Sex Column

College sex columns: So wrong, they're . . . boring.
This week, the Nation’s Alex Dibranco declared that the college sex column represents "a radical progressive movement in the sense of pushing against traditional silence and the status quo." That might have been true when sex columns first popped up on college campuses in 1996, but [...]

Journalists: How To Make Your Sex Work Stories Less Insanely Creepy

Now that we've all endured this FOX 5 story on "morning prostitution"—which deemed sex workers "too gross to describe," much less speak to—I think it's about time to begin the healing process. How might we, as journalists, begin to make local news reports on prostitution less insanely creepy?  Cyndee Clay, Executive Director of Helping Individual [...]

Sarah Palin Saves Newspapers, Kills Journalism

As much as it pains me to see the following byline pop up in the Washington Post:

. . . at least people are reading the goddamn thing:

Why pay journalists to write about Sarah Palin when Sarah Palin is perfectly willing to pay people to write as if they were Sarah Palin? It's almost too easy.

Huffington Post Just Fucking With Me Now

Via pukeimmediately: And Huffington Post's sexism spills to the business pages.

Every single business reporter selected for HuffPo's latest parade of sexism interactive slideshow is a woman. While I love to see women succeeding in business, this particular feature isn't exactly what I had in mind. Let's take a look.

Daily Palin: Everything I Know I Learned From My Commenters

Welcome back to “Daily Palin,” in which we detail Sarah Palin’s refusal to go away—every day. In this edition: Everything I need to know (about Sarah, journalism, and myself) I learned from my commenters.