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Sexist Comments of the Week: Tits or GTFO Edition

This week, Courtney Stoker of From Austin to A&M and Joseph Hewitt of GearHead RPG graced us with their presence to discuss the problem of making dude-dominated subcultures more accessible to women. In the comments, you added your own tips:

Make Your Dude-Dominated Subculture More Accessible to Women

Yesterday, feminist sci fi enthusiast and From Austin to A&M blogger Courtney Stoker graciously agreed to answer this blog's questions on how to reconcile her feminist ideals with her geekier subculture interests. Today, it's time for the bonus round!

Reader Beatdown: Men’s Studies Vs. Male Studies, Cartoon Edition

Reader Joseph Hewitt submits his comic interpretation of the Male Studies v. Men's Studies divide, with the help of a thesaurus. Fashion-wise, it appears to be a draw. You can find more of Hewitt's work at Ataraxi Theater.