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The Morning After

It's been quite a weekend for ridiculous stunts by the lovely ladies of the Republican party. Let's count 'em down, shall we?
THREE! Sarah Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live last week to get back at Tina Fey for being so mean all the time. Palin proved she really knows how to act presidential use that [...]

Live-Blogging the Live Blogs: Tonight

I know, I know: You don't even want to watch the last debate. Sure, you were feeling pretty good after the first one; everything seemed so new and exciting! But then there was that vice presidential unpleasantness, and last week you found yourself whiling away your Tuesday evening with Barack and John at Town Hall [...]

Debate Drinking Game: Mixed Sports Metaphor Edition

My father, a Barack Obama supporter, compares the final presidential debate to the last quarter of a sports game: Now that his candidate appears on the verge of victory, all he can do is watch on as he horribly squanders it all at the last minute. So this final debate drinking game is for those [...]

The Morning After

* Evil Slutopia finds this sweet Joe Biden cupcake, via
* Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have got nothin' on this lady: She advocated for sexual freedom, wore tons of booty ruffles, and ran for president back when most women couldn't even vote. Plus, she was clairvoyant! NPR's "All Things Considered" looks back at the [...]

The Morning After

* Early Tuesday morning, a 23-year-old Capitol Hill woman was stabbed 17 times by an intruder after she fought off his sexual assault. She is expected to survive.
* Eliminating tired, gender-specific table manners is bad business for some New York restaurants, reports the New York Times:
restaurant owners, managers and servers say that in ways that [...]

McCain in Rolling Stone: The Sexist Highlights

This week's Rolling Stone fronts a sprawling, 10-page piece that reveals, in excruciating detail, how big a dick John McCain really is. "Make-Believe Maverick" by Tim Dickinson, gives the Straight Talk Express treatment to McCain's war stories, campaign history, plane crashes, even his childhood temper tantrums. Dickinson's account is sprinkled with anecdotes that reveal McCain's [...]

Debate Live Blog Tonight on City Desk

I'll be live-blogging the presidential town hall debate over at City Desk tonight. Follow along here starting around 9 p.m., or take the edge off with the Town Hall Debate Drinking Game.
Earlier I live-blogged Thursday's Vice Presidential Debate. Yep, there was a drinking game for that one, too.

Presidential Town Hall Debate Drinking Game

Presidential candidates—remember them? Now that the dust has settled on the Palin/Biden debate, they're back to bore you again with their conservative man-suits and less-sassy cries of "maverick." In order to mix it up a bit for the viewer, tonight's debate, held at Nashville's Belmont University, will be in a "Town Hall" Q & A [...]

Gotcha Journalism Video Corner

Last night on CBS Evening News: John McCain calls Katie Couric a "gotcha" journalist, squirms whenever Sarah Palin opens her mouth.
But when are we going to see the Roe v. Wade clip? Gotcha!

Non-Sexist Palin Joke Video Corner

The wonderful Wanda Sykes—who forever won a place in my heart with her turn in the 2001 Louis C.K. tour-de-force "Pootie Tang"—administers a non-sexist, feminist smack-down to McCain/Palin on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Enjoy: