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Hiring Inequality Through The Daily Show

As it turns out, that fawning defense of The Daily Show by its women employees illustrates exactly what's wrong with the show's hiring practices. They write:
Jon’s not just a guy in a suit reading a prompter. His voice and vision shape every aspect of the show from concept to execution. The idea that [...]

The Morning After: Jealous Page View Edition

* At Slate, Emily Gould argues that feminist blogs are motivated by jealousy:

The Morning After: Sex Worker Pilates Edition

* Some Thomas Circle neighbors are unnerved by sex workers walking near their Pilates studio. Why I never!

The Morning After: Mannequins Are Us Edition

* On mannequins, and us:
“It’s not that big of a leap to go to a window mannequin from ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ ” said Simon Doonan, the creative director of Barneys New York.

Trigger Warnings and Being an Asshole

I've been fascinated by the dust-up over "trigger warnings" that's inched across the feminist blogosphere this week. "Trigger warnings," for the uninitiated, are warnings placed before blog posts that touch on certain subject areas (or particularly graphic presentations of them) that could possibly "trigger" the past trauma of a survivor of sexual assault or abuse. [...]

Can Having Three Condoms In D.C. Really Get You Arrested?

Over 1,200 people have signed a petition to demand the right to carry three condoms in the District of Columbia without fear of arrest. Why do 1,200 people think that carrying more than two condoms is against the law?

Ask Amy to Reader: “How dare you call me a ‘rape apologist'”

Amy Dickinson, "Ask Amy" advice columnist for the Chicago Tribune, has declined to publicly respond to criticism of a column she wrote last month in response to advice-seeker "Victim? In Virgina." You know the one: The column informing a rape victim she was a "victim of your own awful judgment," calling the crime "sex" that [...]

Why Is Rihanna Expected to be a Feminist Icon?

Rihanna's new song, "Russian Roulette," was released two days ago, and it's already been deemed too shocking for the sensitive ears of America's youth. "What message do think it sends to the millions of girls who admire Rihanna as an artist?" asks Deborah Reber of Rihanna's barbed-wire cover pic. Anna North of Jezebel wrote that [...]

When Gender Equality Goes Horribly Wrong

AdFreak has discovered these sexualized advertisements for Davidoff cigars. Each ad is accompanied by a photograph of a male model appearing to orgasm upon catching a whiff of some fine Davidoff cigar smoke. The ads read, "Every Man Has a D-Spot."
Finally, you may be thinking. Men reduced to sex objects in order to sell phallic [...]

Why Female Politicians Don’t Cheat. Hint: Too Busy Being Female Politicians

Last week, Politico's Melanie Mason tackled the question of why female politicians are so rarely caught with their pants down. Mason starts out with a pretty good theory—"Men far outnumber women in elected office, and statistical probability dictates that if a random politician is caught in a sex scandal, it is overwhelmingly likely that the [...]