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Sexist E-Mails: “Women Don’t Give Nice Guys the Sex They Want”

Readers, I get so many weird e-mails. So far, I've just been letting them accumulate in my in-box, never to be read again—even the ones with the attached shirtless photos. But now, it's purge time.

Sexist Beatdown: Who’s Killing Feminism Now? Edition

The death of feminism ain't news. Feminism has died a thousand deaths by this point. But wait a second: Today, someone is killing feminism in a totally new way, and this time it involves something called a "diamanté phone cover," whatever the fuck that is. This, according to Nina Power in her book "One Dimensional [...]

WAM! Auctioning Off All Your Girl Crushes

Damn you, WAM! Women, Action, & the Media is staging a holiday fund-raising auction this month—and the items up for grabs have somehow managed to magically tap into every feminist's secret girl crush. We're talking photo session with Margaret Cho, editing expertise of Katha Pollitt, autographed guitar airbrushed with Ani Difranco's face level of [...]

Beauty Pageants Are for Feminists

Jessica Valenti is right about the Miss Universe Pageant: As offensive as the public ranking of female swimsuit parts may be to the feminist eye, there's something very comforting about pageantry. Every year, the Universe comes together to televise an event that proves that sexism exists. In other words, they make for a really easy [...]

Sexist Beatdown: The Triumphant Return!

Feminist bloggers as colonizers: Surely, parallels can be drawn.
Welcome back to Sexist Beatdown, the weekly feature wherein Sady of Tiger Beatdown (white, heterosexual, cisgendered, American) and myself of The Sexist (white, heterosexual, cisgendered, American), chat. Except for last week, when we did not do it. My fault. BUT THIS WEEK WE ARE BACK, to discuss [...]

Inappropriate Rape Joke Video Corner

Ha, ha, oh, women are always lying about being raped in order to get out of sticky situations. That's why the Office is a renowned, award-winning comedy program—because it's so true to life! But spoilsport Jessica Valenti over at Feministing didn't like the Office's recent rape joke. "I generally really love The Office and think [...]