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Kiely Williams, Girls Gone Wild, and Eroticizing Drunk Sex

Last year, a feminine hygiene company found that 50 percent of British women surveyed prefer having sex while drunk. And 6 percent of respondents have exclusively had sex while drunk. The armchair psychoanalysis employed to interpret these results didn't determine whether women actually enjoy drunk sex better than sober sex, or whether getting drunk [...]

Make Your Own Date Rape Jam For Only $2.99

Have you always wanted to blame your casual sexual encounters on the Goose, but the words just never came out right? Put another way: Do you have a bunch of date-rapey sentiments to unload upon the general public, but don't want to have to use your recognizable, human voice? The "I Am T-Pain" iPhone application [...]

The Ill-Advised Date Rape Anthem Drinking Game

What says summer like boozy, blacked-out, ambiguously consensual fucking? Boozy, blacked-out, ambiguously consensual fucking that clocks in at 28 minutes and three seconds!

Lady Gaga Provides the “Drunk Girl” Perspective

When I first described Jamie Foxx's "Blame It (On the Alcohol)" as a date rape jam, I lamented that the song didn't allow Foxx's female target on the dance floor any input into the situation. "But what about the woman in the song?" I asked. "Of course, no holla back joint has dropped from Foxx’s [...]

A Hierarchy of Date-Rape Jams

[View a full-sized version here].
I've been writing a lot about date rape in popular culture lately, particularly in music. Most of my treatment has involved parsing the lyrics of popular songs with rape-scenario undertones: Asher Roth's soft indictment of college date rape; A Tribe Called Quest's anti-date rape, menstruation-joke opus; Slick Rick's anal-themed rape song. [...]

Who Can Make A Rape Joke?

Take It With a Grain of Assault: Palmer finds humor in her rape.

Hint: Frat boys, check; Victims, no.

Amanda Palmer’s new single, “Oasis,” is a sunny tune about a tumultuous time in a teenager’s life. After enduring rape, abortion, and a schoolwide slut-shaming, the girl receives an autographed headshot of her favorite band—Oasis—in the mail, and [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

The Sexist is out for the weekend, so we're wrapping things up a little early this week. Today, kick off your Memorial Day holiday early by tying on a CockBib, throwing on some denim jeans, and blasting that new Jamie Foxx joint on the radio. Also, the Sexist reached its 1,000th blog post this week, [...]

Jamie Foxx and Rape Vs. “Rapey”

Yesterday, I assembled a Justify Your Date Rape playlist of five popular songs which deal with forcing someone you know to have sex with you. Most of the commenters on the post were arguing over the definition of "date rape"—and whether Jamie Foxx's joint, "Blame It (On the Alcohol)" qualifies (read the lyrics to the [...]

Top Five Date Rape Anthems

Date rape has been getting some pretty heavy rotation on the airwaves since Jamie Foxx's latest single, "Blame It (On the Alcohol)," dropped. The song details Foxx's pursuit of an increasingly drunk lady in da club, and features T. Pain, who chimes in on his vocoder: "Couple more shots you open up like a book." [...]