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Get a “Sexy Walk” With the World’s First Pelvis Amplifier

During my travels throughout the world of forgotten patent applications, I came across the Pelvic Extension Frame, patented by C. William Hanson, III in 2006. The device is mainly therapeutic in nature—it intends to "isolate the pelvis" in order to help athletes improve "pelvic stability" and "pelvic rotation."
It also, of course, helps people walk [...]

Anti-Rape Device or Vagina Spaceship?

Today, anti-rape activists are hard at work in the schools, the clinics, the courts, and the media, in an attempt to help prevent rape. But over the years, some anti-rape inventors have proposed an alternative to education and awareness—why not work to prevent rape from inside the vagina? Here's how it works—women just don't use [...]