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Make Your Dude-Dominated Subculture More Accessible to Women

Yesterday, feminist sci fi enthusiast and From Austin to A&M blogger Courtney Stoker graciously agreed to answer this blog's questions on how to reconcile her feminist ideals with her geekier subculture interests. Today, it's time for the bonus round!

James Chartrand’s Constructed Masculinity Goes Far Beyond the Pen Name

Yesterday, career Web guy James Chartrand admitted that "he" is a woman, actually. Chartrand said that after she adopted the male pseudonym several years ago—one that sounded like it "might command respect"—she did command respect, and began to ascend from struggling single-mom writer to respected male Web entrepreneur.
In light of the news that Chartrand is [...]

Reddit User Calls Girlfriend a Bitch on Reddit, Can’t Understand Why She Hates Reddit (and Him)

Reddit user LinuxFreeOrDie is having girlfriend trouble. LinuxFreeOrDie posted a few comments on the Web site that his significant other just didn't understand. One comment suggested that another Reddit user name her new Chihuaha "beeyotch." Another suggeted that one of the "four things a woman needs to know" is "how to fuck like a whore." [...]

Sex Vs. Internet: Get Real, America

Matthew Yglesias thinks the numbers in CNN's widely-circulated Internet sex survey have been blown out of proportion. Yglesias says the numbers—which reported what percentages of men and women would sooner give up sex for two weeks than the Internet—are actually not terribly high. Forty-six percent of women and 30 percent of men reported that they [...]