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Mall Voyeur Arrested on July 4th

D.C. police may not have stuck anyone with illegal fireworks charges this July 4th, but police did manage to nab one man taking advantage of the day's patriotic displays: On Sunday afternoon, D.C. police detained 49-year-old Maryland resident Charles Defoe for engaging in voyeuristic activities on the grounds of the Washington Monument. According to an [...]

28 Percent of Women “Unsure” of Basic Facts of U.S. Independence

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Last month, the Marist Poll asked 1,004 U.S. residents: From which country did the United States win its independence? The results varied based on region, household income, race, age, and gender—while 81 percent of men responded that the U.S. won independence from Great Britain, only 67 percent of women could say the same. [...]