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Indecent Exposure Near Eliot Junior High School

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D.C. police have released an alert about a "suspicious male individual" who is "attempting to make contact with adolescent females as they walk to school." The alert says that yesterday, "the suspect exposed himself to four juvenile females that were walking to school." He's operating around the 200 blocks of 17th Street and [...]

Indecent Exposure Case Hinges on Naked Eye Contact

Last fall, Fairfax resident Erick Williamson was accused of indecent exposure after a woman and her young child walked past Williamson's house and saw him hanging out naked inside through an open door. Williamson's case hinged on the Virginia definition of indecent exposure, which requires three elements: exposure, intent, and obscenity. Williamson, now forever [...]

Know Your Indecent Exposure Rights

Ever wondered exactly what you have to do with your penis to be charged with indecent exposure in Virginia? Need to know what sort of aperture you have to be looking through in order to be convicted of peeping? The Washington Post is here to help!