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President Obama Fails to Rescue Nation’s Hopeless Sex-Seekers

Also inspiring inaugural hook-ups: The entertainment at the Kentucky Bluegrass Ball
Barack Obama is President now, which means that everyone can stop posting pathetic Craigslist ads seeking inaugural dates for watching him become President, right? Wrong. In the grand tradition of the post-election sex phenomenon, ambitious locals are still invoking Obama's name in the pursuit of [...]

Ben’s Rides Obama Chili Train All the Way to Ice Bank

The line outside Ben's Chili Bowl still stretched around the block this afternoon to accommodate tourists interested in consuming a half-smoke in the establishment where President Barack Obama famously consumed a half-smoke just days earlier. Also, keeping in the grand tradition of celebrating things by making things out of other things, there's a sweet ice [...]

Barack Obama Inauguration Draws Millions of People, Several Crazy People

The Huffington Post points us to this video of members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas protesting Obama's inauguration yesterday on Pennsylvania Ave. From HuffPo:
NomadsLand provides a nice video of the Westboro clan getting worked over by the more well-adjusted crowd and giving their typical bizarre answers to everything. I especially love [...]

At Last

I missed Beyonce singing "At Last" to Barack and Michelle at last night's Neighborhood Ball—I was busy scoping out presidential connections (and duck wraps!) at the Hawaii State Society Inaugural Ball—which means I got to cry a little bit over YouTube this morning. Here's the first dance, in case you missed it, too:

Rick Warren Don’t Make No Sense

I know everyone thinks Rick Warren is offensive because he hates women and gay people, but I think he proved today that the true offensive trick up his sleeve is that he doesn't make any goddamned (apologies) sense. Did that invocation make sense to anyone else? I'm waiting on the full transcript, and I'm not [...]

How to Crash an Inaugural Ball Tonight!: Lessons from the Kentucky Bluegrass Ball

Ted hangs with master bugler, bourbon
Inaugural balls! We all wish to participate in them without paying. Last night, City Paper's Ted Scheinman and I entered the $350-per-head Kentucky Bluegrass Ball with naught but a press pass and a dream, and emerged with tummies full of bison burgers, commemorative bottles of Maker's Mark tucked beneath our [...]

The Sexist Watches The Inauguration on TV So You Don’t Have To

In this era of crazed, critically crowded congregations of millions of Americans on national park land, who has time to watch television from the comfort of your home? That's why I've volunteered my time to record this historic event as presented on television. Here we gooo!
11:20 a.m. ... Jimmy Carter! George H.W. Bush! Bill Clinton! [...]

Boobs on Display at the Kentucky Bluegrass Ball

D.C.'s most successful hotel developer (not pictured)
"I want to be in the City Paper!" announced the tuxedoed man. He, several other tuxedoed men, accompanied by several gowned women, were enjoying cocktails at the Marriott Wardman hotel on the occasion of the 2009 Kentucky Bluegrass Ball. "I am D.C.'s most successful hotel developer," he explained.
"Do you [...]

Portuguese Water Dog or Labradoodle: Who Could Choose?!

The time has come for the Obamas to decide on the cwute widdle doggie they'll be installing into their new home, which will be ceremoniously seized from the Bushies tomorrow. Last week, it was reported that the Obamas had narrowed the breed field to two: It's gonna be either the Portuguese Water Dog or the [...]

INAUGURAL CELEB WATCH: More Photos of Where the “Hills” Weren’t

Last night, I reported from the swankiest, most exclusive, hippest, Hills-iest, fanciest inaugural ball in all of Adams Morgan that was supposed to cost $125 but to which everyone actually secretly got in for free. Once the wool was pulled from our eyes, and the burning question—"who would play for this?"—was finally answered—"nobody"—it was time [...]