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The Morning After: Monsters and Not Monsters Edition

* Thomas MacAulay Millar on the problem with seeing sexual assailants and domestic abusers as "monsters":

Cracking Down on Human Trafficking in D.C.

Last week, Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the Prohibition Against Human Trafficking Act [PDF] into law. The law will increase penalties for human trafficking in the District, provide services to victims, and mandate the collection of comprehensive data on human trafficking in D.C. Here are some highlights of how the bill will change D.C.'s approach to [...]

Tonight: Raise Money to Help Local Victims of Sex Trafficking

Want to learn more about stopping sex trafficking in D.C.? Tonight, attend the D.C. chapter of the Younger Women's Task Force's "Cheers to Choice" fundraiser, and rub elbows with such experts on local trafficking as Councilmember Phil Mendelson, the Polaris Project's Julie Janovsky, and Courtney's House's Tina Frundt (also: wine!). The $15 ticket [...]

Human Trafficking and the Romantic Narrative

The Washington Area Women's Foundation points to this short video on human trafficking in the United States. One interesting thing to note is how these young women draw comparisons between their entrance into trafficking and cultural narratives surrounding heterosexual romance. "I just thought I was so madly in love with him, and he just made [...]

Meet an Anti-Human-Trafficking Activist: Eric Proffitt

This Saturday at 9 a.m., Eric Proffitt is going to go for a run. The Canadian-American singer-songwriter will drape himself with 10 pounds of chains, climb the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and then set off on a 15-day sprint to New York, his chains lapping his sides. Then he'll fly to London and run [...]