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D.C.-Area Hospitals Fail HRC’s LGBT Healthcare Ratings

The Human Rights Campaign has released its 2010 Healthcare Equality Index, which rates healthcare providers on their policies toward the LGBT community. The HRC's press release was not impressed. It kicks off: "new healthcare equality analysis from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation found that no healthcare facilities in the Washington, D.C., metro area [...]

Maryland Employer Seeks Office Assistant Who Is “Confident With Her Sexuality”

We're in the middle of the worst recession in our lifetimes. The state of Maryland is hanging at a 7.2 percent unemployment rate. And one Maryland employer has found a silver lining in the desperation of his countrymen: The potential for hiring a total babe.
Last week, an area job seeker alerted me to this Craigslist [...]

D.C. Bathroom Signs: Ignored By Many, Hated By Some, Expensive, and Possibly Illegal

When Omar Miskinyar opened 14th Street NW nightlife spot Policy earlier this year, he invested in the unexpected. Inside the sprawling restaurant, bar, and lounge, ornate chandeliers hang below exposed pipes and ducts. Graffiti by artist Andrew Funk blazes across the tasteful taupe walls. Cherry-red patent-leather booths ring a bar with a wall of flat-screen [...]

Maryland Legislature Delays Transgender Rights Bill

It's been over a month since testimony was heard on Maryland's Bill 566, a proposition which would prohibit discrimination “based on gender identity with regard to public accommodations, housing, and employment" in the state. The Maryland legislature is slated to adjourn on Monday, and both the House and the Senate have failed to take action [...]

Maryland May Join in Protections of Transgender Citizens

Today, testimony was to be heard by the Maryland Senate "on a measure that would prohibit discrimination against transgender people." The proposition, Bill 566, would prohibit discrimination "based on gender identity with regard to public accommodations, housing, and employment."
If passed, Maryland would join thirteen other states and the District of Columbia in protecting transgender citizens. [...]

Ex-Gays Not Sure What “Lawsuit” Means

A group of ex-gays—people who claim they were once gay, but have turned straight—are now also claiming they've been snubbed by the D.C. Office of Human Rights, The Blade's Lou Chibarro, Jr. reports:
Parents & [...]