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Is Michael Jackson the New Nipple?

The Huffington Post entertainment page has been conspicuously absent of female nipples lately. I think we've finally found the kryptonite to HuffPo's entertainment page sexism: The biggest, weirdest star in the world suddenly dropping dead.

Pictured: Not Megan Fox's boobs

Huffington Post Just Fucking With Me Now

Via pukeimmediately: And Huffington Post's sexism spills to the business pages.

Every single business reporter selected for HuffPo's latest parade of sexism interactive slideshow is a woman. While I love to see women succeeding in business, this particular feature isn't exactly what I had in mind. Let's take a look.

Huffington Post Sexism Goes Green

Hey, this isn't the exploitation I signed up for!
The Huffington Post has finally discovered the porthole through which its sexist entertainment content can jump off of the Entertainment page and onto more explicitly political verticals. What is this valuable new discovery which suddenly makes sexy naked women so politically relevant? It starts with a P, [...]

Fox News Double Standard Video Corner

I missed this segment last week, when the Daily Show skewered Fox News for making a stink about Sasha Baron Cohen's bare-ass Bruno stunt on MTV, and then staging a lingerie football party full of female T&A. It turns out you don't have to be a liberal to support nudity from females while shunning [...]

Huffington Post: Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Nipple Is Just Sexist

Last week, I suggested that the Huffington Post was sexist for devoting much of its Entertainment page to obsessively posting accidental female nipple slips caught on camera. Arianna Huffington responded via a Howard Kurtz column by saying:
"As Freud said, ‘Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’—and a nipple slip is just a nipple slip."
Well, I've [...]

Sarah Palin: Not Offended Enough!

The Huffington Post's Shannyn Moore has created this clever top-10 list of the worst sex jokes hurled at Sarah Palin and her daughters since last year's presidential campaign. The list, which includes jokes made by Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live, and Craig Ferguson, is hard to stomach. The A Rod thing is not the first [...]

Huffington Post Responds to Nipple Sexism Charges

In Howard Kurtz' column today, Arianna Huffington responded to this blog's charges of sexism over the Huffington Post's obsessive nipple-slip coverage. Kurtz's column was published a full week after the City Paper contacted HuffPo on the nipple issue.
Huffington Post's Vice President for Communications, Mario Ruiz, responded to my inquiry by copy-pasting Kurtz' column into an [...]

How Sarah Palin Confuses Liberals Into Arguing Against Feminism

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I don't think much of Sarah Palin as a feminist, but the Alaska Governor has emerged as an interesting figure in the movement for one reason: she has encouraged conservatives to unwittingly defend women's rights, and liberals to deny them. This MSNBC clip, featuring [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week

My beef with HuffPo's nipple slip coverage, Huffington Post: Liberal Politics, Sexist Entertainment, inspired a range of responses this week. One commenter was peeved that I appear to "take no joy" in my work—an assertion that I roundly deny. Another sees rogue nipples throughout HuffPo's political coverage, as well: "They couldn’t find Hillary’s nipple, but [...]

Sexism On A Liberal Web Site Is Still Sexism

Interesting juxtaposition we have on the Huffington Post today. First we have a blog post from Amy Siskind titled, "Sexism Against Conservative Women Is Still Sexism." Siskind's post admonishes liberals who will bring out the sexism when attacking conservative targets. See: David Letterman on Sarah Palin; Playboy's "hate rape" list targeted at ten conservative women; [...]