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D.C. to Host First TEDWomen Conference

This December, the TED series of conferences will launch TEDWomen, a two-day meeting in Washington, D.C. that will discuss "women as powerful change agents: In developing nations, women and girls hold the vital link to economic growth, public health, political stability." The slate of speakers hasn't been released yet, but the TEDWomen website [...]

What Constitutes “Voyeurism” In D.C.?

After a man was arrested on the National Mall for voyeurism after filming up women's skirts on July 4th, some people were like, hey now—that's illegal? It is in D.C.: Voyeurism was made a criminal offense by the Omnibus Public Safety Emergency Act of 2006 [PDF].
Below, the District's rules on putting your "electronic devices" in [...]

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller Avoids Nipples (For Now)

Today, Tucker Carlson launched The Daily Caller, a Web site that has been hailed as the conservative answer to the Huffington Post. Given my peculiar obsessions with Arianna Huffington's left-leaning political tabloid, I had but one question for Carlson: Will there be nipples?

The Definitive Huffington Post Tweet

And they say we can't communicate anything in under 140 characters.
[via Mike Riggs].

Roman Polanski and the Huffington Post: BFFs

Yesterday, Roman Polanski champion Bernard-Henri Lévy published a letter from the director on the Huffington Post. You can read the whole thing here, but it's basically an "I'd-like-to-thank-the-Academy" type of note handing out props to everyone who has lent support to the convicted rapist on his zany ride from prison to ski chalet.
As for Lévy, [...]

Roman Polanski Defense: Rapists Are People, Too

French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévi is back to explain why Roman Polanski ought to be released from prison already. Add this one to the long list of Polanski defenses: Polanski is a human!
Lévi writes for the Huffington Post:

Huffington Post Moves on to Objectifying Normal People

At first, the Huffington Post was content to objectify women whose décolletage, nipples, and other breast parts are a main fixture of their work—actresses, models, and reality television stars. Then, it moved on to objectifying female news anchors. With its cache of famous people with boobs running low, the Huffington Post has recently expanded the [...]

Huffington Post Swimsuit Edition Goes Gender-Neutral

The Huffington Post's latest foray into celebrity eye-candy linkbait, "Iconic Swimsuit Movie Moments," comes in two flavors: Male and Female.
The Huffington Post, it seems, has tired of just fetishizing female bodies, and has moved onto more equal-opportunity objectification. Since it's too much to ask for a Web site to refrain from objectifying any humans, is [...]

A Hierarchy Of the Human Nipple (NSFW ZOOM)

The human nipple is a strange beast. Depending on the context, this "small projection of skin containing the outlets for 15-20 lactiferous ducts arranged cylindrically around the tip" has been marketed as alternately sexy, obscene, artistic, disgusting, and even sexier.
But as a consumer of nipple shots, such versatility can become confusing. It's often difficult to [...]

Click Here For (A Feminist Critique Of) Sarah Palin’s Throbbing Thighs!

Yesterday, DoubleX tweeted the following teaser to a story on Sarah Palin's recent profile in "Runner's World":

"Sarah Palin, in spandex, discusses her 'throbbing thighs,'" is the classic ladymag linkbait-and-switch: