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University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Sexually Active “Trash” Edition

The battle for ideological dominance in our nation’s capital’s collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good-old-days of referring to all former sex partners as  "trash"?
This week: How to "recycle" last week's "human trash," in the bedroom; how getting waaaaaasted [...]

A “Georgetown Cuddler” Timeline

According to D.C. police, a sexual assailant known as the "Cuddler" has been terrorizing dorms and townhouses around Georgetown University since January 13, 2008. But when did that other scourge of the Georgetown campus—the suspect's creepily innocuous nickname—first hit the Hoyas? No one knows for sure. Below, track the moniker's rise in the campus lexicon. [...]

The Morning After: Gay Visitor Center Edition

* Is the new Capitol Visitor Center gay? Via Wonkette:
One Senator, the very conservative Jim DeMint of South Carolina, despises this new visitor center — but not because of its completely inappropriate cost, of course! No, he’s just concerned that the center’s exhibits don’t praise God quite enough, and that the exhibits themselves are “left-leaning,” [...]