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The Morning After: Gay Ex Edition

* HUD claims that transgender people are protected against housing discrimination via the Fair Housing Act's prohibition against "gender discrimination"—even though the law doesn't specifically list gender identity discrimination as prohibited.

Discrimination Complaints A Go-Go

Know an employer who only hires attractive gals who are "confident with their sexuality?" How about a landlord who refuses to rent to married folks? Or a bar that turns away younger men?
If you think it's possible that you have been discriminated against in the District of Columbia in housing, public accommodation, or employment, head over [...]

D.C. Madam’s Home For Sale

According to WTOP, the Vallejo, California home of "D.C. Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey is "about to be sold." After Palfrey was convicted of running a prostitution ring last year, her assets were frozen, and her 140-year-old Victorian two-bedroom (listed at $748,500) was taken off the market. Since then, Palfrey committed suicide and the housing market [...]