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Bob McDonnell Suggests “Working Mom Government Simplicity Task Force”

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell delivered a speech to George Washington University College Republicans last night, the G.W. Hatchet reports. McDonnell didn't explicitly mention his recently unearthed masters thesis which denigrated working women, homosexuals, and people who have sex. But he did make a nod to his commitment to right his past statements:
My wife has [...]

Homosexuals Will Fuck Up Photosynthesis Video Corner

Now that out-of-state same-sex marriages are officially recognized in the District of Columbia, we can all finally behold the full testimony of Oxon Hill Minister Leroy Swailes, who attempted to shut down the legislation with an anti-gay tour de force. Arguments include: the positivity of discrimination; the missing link between homosexuality and bestiality; how gays [...]

Gay Demon Exorcism Video Corner

Some think homosexuality is a choice. Others believe it's a social construct. And still more think that same-sex sexual attraction is the work of homosexual demons let loose by Lucifer, the Associate Press reports.
In this video from Manifested Glory Ministries, 16-year-old hyperventilates, vomits, and writhes on the floor while church members attempt to exercise the [...]

Huffington Post Sexism Goes Green

Hey, this isn't the exploitation I signed up for!
The Huffington Post has finally discovered the porthole through which its sexist entertainment content can jump off of the Entertainment page and onto more explicitly political verticals. What is this valuable new discovery which suddenly makes sexy naked women so politically relevant? It starts with a P, [...]

The HIV Blame Game: The Last Word!

Finally, the debate is over, and we may finally know who is truly to blame for HIV!
As promised, blogger Black Informant has posted a response to my response to his response to my response to his call for a debate based on my response to a blog post he wrote about the District's new HIV [...]

The HIV Blame Game: We Debate, You Decide!

Today, I wrote a post calling out Black Informant, a blogger who called out homosexuals for the striking new HIV/AIDS numbers in the District. The blogger then proceeded to call me out, in a post titled "Calling Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper." Black Informant wants to debate me!