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Pepin Tuma Sues D.C. Over False Arrest, Anti-Gay Slur

On July 26, 2009, Pepin Tuma and two friends were strolling down U Street, discussing "the excessive use of police powers" in the recent arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates. Within "seconds," Tuma says an MPD officer had him pushed up against a utility box, handcuffed, and arrested for "disorderly conduct." Last Friday, Tuma [...]

Wale: Gay People “Functioning Human Beings”

D.C.-based rapper Wale, after dropping out of, then rejoining, D.C. Black Pride, provides his thoughts on homophobia: "It's one of those situations where like, it might have been hard to understand like ten years ago. But it's 2010 . . . There's gay people that are like heads of companies,you know just like functioning human [...]

Intolerance of “Homosexual” Neighbors at an All-Time Low

According to a Gallup telephone poll conducted in 2006, "only" 27 percent of Americans would not like to live near "homosexual" neighbors. (No word on American attitudes toward neighbors who are simply "gay."). That figure is down from 30 percent homosexual-neighbor-intolerance in 1995 and 38 percent intolerance in 1990. Americans still dislike gay neighbors more [...]

Actually, They Do Lock You Up For That

Commenters eager to debate the merits of hate-crime legislation have got a new local case over which to mull:
District resident Anthony Wright, 42, has been found guilty of "Bias-Related Simple Assault and Bias Threats To Do Bodily Harm" for harassing and threatening a neighbor over a period of two years. The harassment, which centered on [...]

Bruce Barilla, The Anti-Gay-Sex Candidate

West Virginian Bruce Barilla, a long-shot candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, lays it all out there in this campaign video, in which he explains that we must fight an "unnecessary hate crimes bill" because it supports  "gay sex." Points for transparency! Bonus: Supporters can proudly display their refusal to support gay sex to [...]

How to Sell Realistic Peeing Penis Dildos to Heterosexual Men

So I logged on to the High Times Web site today, as you do, and I came across a typical ad targeting pot enthusiasts: A woman dropping her lacy panties alongside the teaser, "Want to see more? We know you want to!" Users who are interested in seeing more are introduced to  "The Whizzinator," a [...]

Who Qualifies as a Homophobe?

I noted Tiger Beatdown's "Visions of Manliness" series in today's Sexist Beatdown, but I wanted to highlight a particular post in the series because (a) "Visions of Manliness"? How can I say no? and (b) VOM guest-blogger B. Michael Payne made a really interesting point about who qualifies as a homophobe in our culture and [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Homophobic Penis Sketch Edition

Last week, readers theorized as to why art students avoid drawing the penises of nude models. Both David Quammen and John Hammack attest to students avoiding their genitalia by inserting an obscuring shade or a set of imaginary shorts over their crotches. Is homophobia and sexual repression to blame, or is free penis sketching a [...]

Celebrate Gay Marriage In D.C. With A Heteronormative Haircut!

City Paper contributor Trey Graham subscribes to Living Social, a Web site that alerts him to daily deals in the D.C. area. Today—the first day that gay couples in D.C. can legally be married—LivingSocial offered Graham a very special discount at Too Hotties Haircuts, an Alexandria-based salon for "manly men" who aren't into all that [...]

The Fred Phelps Counter-Protest In Photos: Vaginas Nom Nom Nom

Today, the much-anticipated Fred Phelps counter-protest finally came to fruition—albeit a couple of hours after Phelps' homophobia parade got going. City Paper photog Darrow Montgomery was on-hand to document the results. (See all of Darrow's photos of D.C. gay marriage day here).
Below, counter-protesters utilize the Burger King Guy, God Hates [Blank], and unclear messages about [...]