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Victims Vs. Sluts: Hofstra’s False Rape and the Media

Last week's false rape accusation at Hofstra University has inspired a media storm unparalleled by most actual rape cases. The feeding frenzy has produced some helpful discussion—check out Emily Bazelon's piece at Slate for a thoughtful dissection of rape, sex, feminism, and the law—and a whole lot of unbridled misogyny.In "Crying wolf really hurts [...]

Name That Consent Porn!

Kids today are taking more sexual cues from Internet porn, GQ reports. Parents are frightened because their teenagers are gang-banging and ejaculating on each others' faces. GQ is disappointed because its aged readership can't get in on the fun. Personally, I'm pretty freaked out that "Travis and Cody, typical 21-year-old college students in Florida," find [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Real Rape, False Rape, and Sluts

When I wrote yesterday's post on the Hofstra University rape allegation, "False Rape Accusations and Rape Culture," I was hoping that we might all be able to find a common ground, and fight together against both rape and false rape accusations. Then I read the comments. Silly me! The comments of the week are after [...]

False Rape Accusations and Rape Culture

Last night, the Hofstra University freshman who had accused five men of gang-raping her recanted her statement. The 18-year-old student, who had told police that the men had lured her into a dorm bathroom, tied her up, and raped her, admitted to the Nassau County District Attorney's office that the "incident" was, in fact, consensual. [...]