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The State of LGBT Health—Minus the “T”

This week, the District Mayor's Office of GLBT Affairs released the "LGB Health 2010 Report," an examination of everything from smoking habits to sexual behavior in the gay community. This is the District's first report to address the health of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in the District. But as the report's title makes clear, the [...]

D.C.’s Transgender Community Suffers from Lack of HIV Statistics

After this week's post on the state of HIV in D.C., a commenter asked for some current statistics on the HIV/AIDS rate in the District's transgender population. Good luck.  D.C.'s Department of Health doesn't track cases based on gender identity in its annual report on the epidemic [PDF], though it does compile numbers on race, [...]

HIV in D.C., By the Numbers

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control released a new report on HIV in D.C. including numbers through 2008. Here's a look at the extent of the epidemic, according to the CDC's findings:

The Morning After: Stay Puft Edition

Burlesque marshmallow man, via The Candy Pitch
* Seventy-five-year-old Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, the "first and only woman to pitch in the Negro American League," is set to be commemorated with her own field in Northeast D.C.

In D.C., National HIV Testing Day to Last a Week

Sunday, June 27th marks the 16th annual National HIV Testing Day, but this year, D.C.'s Whitman-Walker Clinic will be celebrating the occasion all week long. The extra effort is necessary in a town like D.C., where 3 to 5 percent of the population is estimated to have HIV. "Everyone should know their HIV status for [...]

Washington, D.C. Not Safe for Hook-Ups?

Looks like the female condom alone won't solve the HIV crisis among the District's women: According to Tiffany West-Ojo, a rep from the D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration, conversations about preventing the spread of HIV should touch on more than just protection—they must also "focus on the sexual behaviors of Black women and heterosexual men in [...]

The Women’s Collective Brings HIV/AIDS Services to Ward 5

The Women's Collective (TWC), a non-profit serving District women and girls affected by HIV and AIDS, is moving to Ward 5 after a decade of providing services out of Ward 1. With the "second highest rate of persons living with HIV/AIDS among adults and adolescents in the District of Columbia," TWC says that the [...]

TEDx to Take on HIV in D.C.

Yesterday, City Paper's Housing Complex reported that the self-organized offspring of the TED conference series will hit the George Washington University on May 20. "TEDx Potomac" will feature presentations from locals like CakeLove creator Warren Brown, show bartender Moe Harris, and Affinity Lab founder Berit Oskey. Also on the roster is the woman at the center of the District's sexual [...]

Get Thee To An AIDS Rally!

Starting in, oh, a minute, local anti-AIDS-and-homelessness outfit Housing Works will be throwing a rally against HIV and AIDS at D.C.'s Anacostia Park. "Positively Uplifting: Rally, Music, and Barbecue" will feature just that: "inspiring music, spoken word artists, and powerful speakers all envisioning an end to HIV/AIDS by addressing the factors that contribute [...]

The Female Condom, For “Men With Huge Penises”

This week, The Daily Beast takes on the female condom's new marketing strategy, which has attempted to combat the prophylactic's reputation as a noisy, expensive, and awkward option (you heard it here first!). Reporter Joyce C. Tang doesn't find any regular women—women who do not work as female condom advocates—who have actually tried the unconventional [...]