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“Ex-Gays” Search In Vain for “Gay Center of the Brain”

Last week, Montgomery County high schoolers brought home an extra special science lesson with their report cards: A flier from Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) informing parents that their gay kids don't have to stay that way.

Football Players: The New “It” Victim?

We all know how the media loves its blond, white, female victims and its white, female victims of other hair-colors. Why not mix it up a little bit and add former high school football players who have fallen from glory to the new victim-darling list?

Fairfax Teen Suspended For Popping Birth Control Pill

Last month, Fairfax's Oakton High School suspended—and has threatened to expel—a teenage girl who was caught swallowing a prescription birth control pill at lunch. According to the Washington Post:
When a Fairfax County mother got an urgent call from school last month reporting that her teenage daughter was caught popping a pill at lunchtime, she did [...]

Spotsylvania Teens Busted In Sexting Case

Spotsylvania, Virg. got the honor yesterday of arresting two teens in our first local "sexting" case. Eighteen-year-old Spotsylvania High student Moizeis Ribeiro and a 15-year-old classmate were arrested "on possession of child pornography and electronic solicitation."
Ribeiro's partner-in-crime is young enough not to have his name released to the papers, but he's still old enough to [...]

The Morning After

* In case you missed it: Washington Post reports killer story on drunk man who finds bed in wrong home. The story just keeps getting better. The lede is solid:
There's drunken confusion, and then there's the place that a 50-year-old Montgomery County man found himself—in the wrong bed in the wrong house.
The late night snack [...]