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Today In PR For Ladies: Cougars, Oil Spills, and Permanent SATC2 Nerve Damage

PR flacks sure know how to sell to the ladies. Every week, I receive form e-mails from them containing the latest in lady-centered information—on everything from permanent Sex and the City nerve damage to the world's preeminent male cougar experts. Alas, I don't always have enough time to pass these insights onto you, the ladies. [...]

The Morning After: The Gender Binary of Hotness Edition

* Racialicious on the "flip side of racial profiling," as evidenced by this PostSecret submission: "those who do not carry the stigmatized features aren’t simply treated fairly, they’re given a benefit of the doubt that allows them to get away with the very thing that others are suspected of doing."

Sex Work and the Problem of the Teetering High-Heels

In her Friday Washington Post column, Petula Dvorak came to the realization that the District's sex workers aren't exclusively criminals—sometimes, they can be victims, too. Dvorak profiles Tina Frundt, the woman behind the local Courtney's House shelter for victims of human trafficking. "Frundt was once a slave herself, forced into prostitution in the District [...]

City Paper‘s Best of D.C. Poll: Get Your Sex Preferences On

The Washington City Paper's Best Of D.C. reader's poll debuts today, and we're inviting District residents to file their favorites in the worlds of food, drink, shopping—and, of course, the commercialized end of sex. Need some inspiration? Let's revisit some ghosts of Sexist past for possible nominees in the poll's sex-related categories, from Best Strip [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: How Sexy Is Too Sexy?

Last week, a couple of really interesting discussions arose on this blog concerning determining consent and preventing rape. I'm going to address some of the lingering issues raised in those threads later today. But right now, it's 9 a.m. on Monday morning, I'm not terribly coherent, amd I'd rather review the implications of Garfield lunchboxes [...]

Do Obama Supporters Shun High Heels?

In a blog post entitled Sigh . . ., El Guapo in DC makes his triumphant return by lamenting the mass exodus of high-heel wearing ladies from the district. "Ballerina flats," he writes. "Si, ballerina shoes. The women of DC have for some reason turned to wearing ballerina shoes. Have they done this to spite [...]

Ex-Cobalt Employee Weighs In On The Heel Ban

In this week's paper, I wrote a story about 17th Street gay bar Cobalt's recent overturning of its notorious high heel ban. Today, a former employee of Cobalt who asked not to be named, contacted me with an inside perspective on the reasoning behind the rule. The ex-employee's account of Cobalt's efforts to "keep women [...]

Cobalt Retires Its Shoe Fetish

Point taken: Cobalt spikes its high-heel ban.
On a cold February night last year, Sara, a 24-year-old straight woman, slipped on the perfect shoes for winter bar-hopping: suede boots with a chunky 2-inch heel. She and her friends—another straight woman and a few gay men—were heading out for a night of dancing at Cobalt, a gay [...]