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PFOX Ex-Gay In Search of Breathing Female

When NOM's mandatory heterosexuality tour stopped by Newark on Tuesday, Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) leader Greg Quinlan was on-hand to present the ex-gay position on heterosexual marriage: Desperate! "If you know of anybody, send them my way," said Quinlan, who is totally straight now (and divorced). "I live right here in Roxbury [...]

James O’Keefe’s Gay Marriage Stunt Proves Why We Shouldn’t Legislate Love

Conservative stunt journalist James O'Keefe—of alleged Mary Landrieu wiretapping "misunderstanding" and ACORN pimp fame—joined forces with another straight guy in 2008 in an attempt to enter into a Massachusetts same-sex marriage. The secretly-videotaped shotgun wedding was cooked up in order to score one of O'Keefe's more bizarre wingnut points: To prove that government bureaucrats in [...]