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D.C. Government Finally Explains How to Get Your Adopted Child Health Insurance

Last month, I wrote a story about Jenn Thomas and Kevin Fox, two local teachers who have spent three and a half years fighting with the D.C. government to get their adopted son, Max, added to their health insurance plan.
The parents, who are insured through Fox's D.C. Public Schools job, were repeatedly told by D.C. government [...]

Adopted Children Left Behind

Any day now, Jenn Thomas and Kevin Fox’s second adopted child is due to be born. Thomas and Fox are nervous about facing the demands of the new baby—and not just the late-night feedings and soiled diapers.
They’re really freaked out about the paperwork. The last time Thomas and Fox went through the adoption process, they [...]

Local Women React to Higher Health Insurance Premiums

ABC 7 recently ran a story about "a new study" (which they don't identify, but I think is this [PDF] ), which "finds women pay thousands of dollars more than men on comparable health insurance plans." The station interviewed local women about the findings; most of them expressed dismay at the inequity in the numbers. [...]