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Rape Analogy: The “Health Care Is Date Rape” Theory

Here on the Sexist, our Rape Analogy series generally focuses on false comparisons employed in order to explain away sexual assault. You know: "rape is like a hurricane"; "rape is like taking a stroll in the jungle"; "rape is like walking in a bad neighborhood."
This time around, let's flip the script to examine what other [...]

“The Most Pro-Abortion President in American History”

Did ya'll watch C-SPAN last night? The Republican strategy of frantically burying their racist and classist rhetoric under a protective shield of faux concern for unborn babies was in full, glorious display. Between the white dudes arguing that socialist health care reform will "enslave" the American people (inside) and the white dudes chanting racial epithets at [...]

Rock The Vote Says Teen Abstinence, Transphobia Will Win Health Care Reform

A new initiative from youth voting campaign Rock the Vote is encouraging young people to "hold out for health care" by refusing to have sex with people who don't support health care reform. In a strange turn of events, I'm with FOX News on this one: This sucks.

UPDATED: D.C. Birth Control Safe, D.C. Department of Insurance Claims

D.C. ladies on the pill: You may not know the name of Gennet Purcell, the woman that Mayor Adrian Fenty appointed to head up the D.C. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking last August. You should. Purcell may be responsible for sending your birth control costs through the roof. Yesterday, Amie Newman of R.H. Reality [...]

The “Kill Fags” Lady Can’t Pee In D.C.

The Awl's coverage of Saturday's "Tea Bagger" health care protest in Washington produced an interesting little anecdote out of Penn Quarter Sports Tavern: A bar manager telling a woman with "Kill Fags" t-shirt to piss elsewhere.
How long ago was it that a black woman would be denied entrance to a whites-only restroom? Well, at one [...]

Final Day to Comment on Bush’s Conscience Rule

Tomorrow marks the end of the 30-day comment period on Obama's proposed scrapping of Bush's so-called "conscience rule." Bush snuck the conscience rule in at the end of his godforsaken presidency to allow all healthcare providers to deny services (or "abortions") to patients (or "women) based on their moral beliefs (or "misogyny"). Obama swiftly moved [...]