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The High Heel Race Is Run

It feels good to live in a city where city council candidates gather to vie for the attentions of several thousand intoxicated men dressed in glorious splendor. In case you missed Washington's leggiest pre-Halloween tradition, the Dupont Circle High Heel Race, here's some photo evidence of the event. It's just a taste—I'll upload a video [...]

High Heel Race D.C.: Tonight

In case you haven't signed up to volunteer for the high heel race—or run it yourself—you can take in all the ostentatious glory of this pre-Halloween drag tradition tonight between P and S Streets on 17th Street. The parade up and down 17th (which will be closed) begins around 7 p.m.; the race starts at [...]

Desperate Measures: All Hallows Eve Edition

For the discerning online dater, picks from the Craigslist litter.
Missed Connections: Adorable guy crying and carrying a pumpkin
A: 25
S: m4m
L: Logan Circle

First Impression: Carve me a river. "I have to admit, I followed you a bit (as weird as that sounds). But I've never seen such a masculine looking guy with tears in his [...]

Sexy Halloween Costume Watch: In Which We Heed the Lessons of Plant Man

One late October evening somewhere in the 1980's, in the time before children, a friend of my parents traveled from Clintonville, Wi. to Madison to attend the city's Halloween block party. The friend, though, had trekked sans-costume. So they did what any noble crew of young professionals would do: They dressed him in snug overalls, [...]

Obama Pay Equity

On Tuesday, Sarah Palin called out Obama on pay equity. "Does he think that the women aren't working as hard? Does he think that they are 17 percent less productive?" she said, quoting a story in the National Review that alleged that Obama's Senate offices paid women 83 cents on the dollar compared to his [...]