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Celebrity Hairstylist Andre Chreky Accused of Attempting to Rape Employee

District  celebrity hairstylist Andre Chreky has been trusted to manage the high-profile hairstyles of women like Rita Wilson and Laura Bush in his K Street salon since 1997. When he's not touching famous hair, Chreky has been accused of repeatedly sexually harassing his employees.
This week Chreky was expected to go to trial in his second [...]

What Men Do With Their Pubic Hair

This week, after a serious bitch session on the topic of replacing female pubic hair with space crystals, I asked the Sexist's male readers how they managed their own body hair. You did not disappoint!
How do male Sexist readers' grooming habits stack up against the ladies'? Your hair maintenance includes plucking your nipple hair, shaping [...]

The Bob Haircut: Secret Sex Fetish Favored By Prostitutes

So, I'm growing my hair out, and I thought I'd shoot for a bob—jaw length with a fringe. Foolishly, I turned to the Internet for inspiration, and instantly stumbled upon "The Bob Haircut Pages." This portfolio of short, banged haircuts begins innocently enough. And then devolves into some dude's hair porn collection.
"Through another picture series [...]

Cast of “Hair” Cancels Show to March On Washington

The cast of Broadway's "HAIR" has canceled its scheduled performance for Oct. 11 in order to voice its support same-sex marriage. The faux-hippies will be bringing their sexual liberation message to Washington, D.C. that day in order to participate in the National Equality March. The Sexist, too, wishes she could play hooky in the name [...]