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Why Don’t We Accept Victim-Blaming From Rapists?

Last month, convicted rapist Daniel Katsnelson administered some advice to the two York University students he raped in 2007. After pleading guilty to entering a campus residence, prowling for open doors, and then raping two students, Katsnelson told his parole officer that he hopes the girls learned something from all this:
Katsnelson indicated he hoped his victims [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed: The Sex Issue! Edition

The battle for ideological dominance in our nation’s capital’s collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of automatically capitulating to the boner pressing against your back?
This week in college sex columns, [...]

GW Grad Claims MTV Made Him A “Womanizing Jerk”

Freddie Fackelmayer, a 2005 graduate of the George Washington University, wants everyone to know that he's not a "womanizing jerk." Fackelmayer just finished up a stint as fake boyfriend to reality television star Whitney Port on MTV's "The City," a fake show about Port's real life working in the fashion industry, a career she secured [...]

G.W. Paper Criticizes Sexual Assault Victims’ Lack of “Responsibility”

In a staff editorial, George Washington University newspaper the Hatchet reacted to two recent incidents of on-campus violence by calling for a "shared responsibility for safety." In the first incident, a stranger approached a graduate student in the bathroom of an academic building and hit him in the head with a hammer. In the second, [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed

This week, the Nation's Alex Dibranco provided a brief history of the "Student Sex Column Movement." The college sex column, Dibranco argues, is "a radical progressive movement in the sense of pushing against traditional silence and the status quo," she writes. "Challenges to the columns stem from a conservative mindset . . . [...]

Fred Phelps Donates Funds to Local Gay Group

Last week, a group of George Washington University students gathered to protest a hateful White House appearance by noted homophobe Fred Phelps and his anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. The counter-protest used a time-tested anti-Phelps tactic: The "Phelps-A-Thon." Writes G.W. Hatchet columnist Tom Braslavsky:
An initiative called Phelps-A-Thon, similar to that at my high school, donated about [...]

Girls Kiss to Counter Anti-Gay Protest

Notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church came to town on Monday to protest homosexual sin, George Mason University's gay male homecoming queen, and "the Anti-Christ" (President Obama). When the protest moved on from GMU and Embassy Row to land in front of the White House, Westboro members were met by dozens of George Washington Univeristy students [...]

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Fails GW Navy ROTC Member

According to the G.W. student newspaper the Hatchet, University Freshman Todd Belok was dismissed from the Navy ROTC program after his fellow midshipmen learned that he was gay. Belok didn't explicitly inform the Navy that he was gay, but after he was observed kissing "another male" at a fraternity party, Belok was "officially dismissed from [...]

GW Student Supports Prop 8, Bad Analogies Tamales

George Washington University student Andew Clark wrote an opinion piece in campus newspaper The Hatchet this week explaining why he voted for California's Prop 8 on Nov. 4 (full disclosure: I wrote for the Hatchet as a student). Yesterday, Travis Helwig of G.W. blog The Colonialist published a rebuttal to the piece, calling Clark's argument [...]

Drag Race: The College Years

The G.W. Hatchet (the paper for which I wrote anonymous bar reviews in my own college years) has a nice narrated slide show about one senior's experience suiting up for the Dupont Circle High Heel Race. Hatchet reporter Marisa Kabas gives the profile treatment to Paul Rozenberg, who put on the big heels on Tuesday [...]